FAQ Joomla Installer

Who is the service provider?
This Joomla installation serviceoffered here at InstallMyJoomla.com is provided by ServeU.net Web Hosting– a well established web hosting company that has provided professional Joomla hosting ever since Joomla! CMS saw daylight. We host thousands of Joomla websites for happy clients all over the world.

What customer support do I get?
As soon as you signed up for this service, you will be a client of ServeU.net Web Hosting, which means you will benefit from our prized customer support service.

How long does it take before I can see and work with my Joomla! site?
Within minutes after you have signed up with us, you will receive an E-mail which contain your login details for your new Joomla! site. However, as it is will all domain registrations, it might take a couple of hours before your new domain has propagated over the Internet. For this purpose, you will get a temporary URL for your new Joomla! site, from which you can start working on straightaway while you wait on your domain to propagate. 

What is the physical location of the servers where my Joomla website will be hosted?
A great benefit is that with us you can choose to host your website close to your visitors. We have data centers in both Europe and the US. You simply choose a location close to your visitors when you order your Joomla installation. If you believe most of your visitors are located in US then you choose to have your web hosting there, and vice versa with Europe. This will improve your sites performance and speed for your visitors. Have a look at our Data Centers here. 

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