Easily add an SSL-certificate to your website!

Save time and trouble by doing it all in the same place! Buy your Trusted SSL-Certificate directly from inside the web hosting control panel!

A trusted SSL certificate will allow users who visit your website to browse in a secure evironment via an encrypted connection. This service is essential for all online stores, which deal with monetary transactions. When visiting a secure website, the address bar goes green to indicate the encrypted connection:

Now we have made it a lot easier for you to get a Trusted SSL-certificate for your website. You can now simultaneously create both the CSR record for the SSL certificate and order the actual certificate. No more looking for a dedicated SSL provider and dealing with different setup procedures.

A wildcard SSL certifcate can be used for multiple subdomains on a single domain.

SSL certificates can be ordered on an annual basis for a maximum period of 5 years.


  • 1 year: $49.50
  • 2 years: $85.50
  • 3 years: $109.50
  • 4 years: $129.50
  • 5 years: $139.50 (MONEY TO SAVE!)

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